Commission Fees

Commission Fees allows you to charge Easy Digital Downloads Commissions recipients an additional flat rate amount or percentage fee on each transaction. This allows you to offset payment processing fees, Amazon S3 file delivery costs, or calculate and retain withholding tax amounts for accounting or compliance purposes.

A common usage scenario of this plugin would be splitting a sale 50/50 with a vendor, but also charging them an additional £0.50 to help offset payment processing fees.

Notice: This extension requires Easy Digital Downloads (free) and Commissions (minimum of version 3.4) (paid) to function. Both plugins must be installed and active.


Upload from WordPress admin area

  1. Access to your WordPress admin area, normally located in your_site_url/wp-admin.
  2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New.
  3. Click the button “Upload Plugin” next to “Add plugins” title.
  4. Upload the downloaded zip file and activate it.

Direct upload

  1. Upload the downloaded zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Unzip the uploaded zip file.
  3. Navigate to Plugins menu on your WordPress admin area.
  4. Activate this plugin.

Activating Your License

Commission Fees uses licenses to provide automatic upgrades and support for the extension. You will have received a license key in your purchase receipt; copy the key to your clipboard, then go to  Downloads → Settings → Licenses and enter the key into the “License Key” field under “Commission Fees”. Click “Save Changes” to activate your license.

Anytime a new version of the extension is available, you will be notified of the update just like any other WordPress plugin.

Configuring the Commission Fees Add-On

To configure the Commission Fees Add On you will need to complete its settings.

  1. Log into the WordPress Admin area
  2. Navigate to Downloads → Settings and click on the Extensions tab
  3. Then click on the Commission Fees link right under the tabs.

Configuring the plugin is straightforward; let’s take a look at the general settings:

Commission Fees General Settings

Disable Fees – Checking this box disables fees from being charged to all commission recipients.

Default Rate – Enter the default fee rate recipients should be charged here. This can be overwritten on a per-download or per-user basis. Values are entered as follows – 10 = 10% or 0.50 for 50 pence.

Type – Should the commission fee be charged as a percentage or a flat amount fee? Currently, setting the type is only available globally, but per-download and per-user settings are planned for a future update.

Calculation Base – By default, fees are calculated exclusively based on the recorded commission amount. For example, a base commission amount of £5.00 with a 5% fee added would equal £5.25 ((5 * .05) + 5)), however because a fee is being charged, the original amount (5 – .25) would be adjusted, leaving £4.75. Inclusive calculation base functions in the same manner as inclusive taxation, where the fee is subsumed within the original amount (for example, £5.00 with a 25% fee included would result in an adjusted commission amount of £4.00). This setting is not used when using the flat amount type.

Allow 0.00 Commissions – This option determines whether or not zero-value commissions are recorded if the commission fee is greater (or equal) to the original commission amount. By default, to avoid negative commission values being recorded, if the calculated commission fee is greater (or equal) to the base commission amount, the recorded amount is set to £0.00. By disabling this option (Setting it to “No, do not record zero value commissions”), the base commission amount is left untouched. The fee will still be calculated (even if it’s a negative value) and stored as commission metadata. This will be displayed within the exported “Fees” report.

Disable Fee Adjustment – Check this box to disable the commission amount adjustment based on the calculated fee. This will leave the original commission amount untouched. Fees will still be calculated and displayed within the exported “Fees” report.

Enable Frontend Fees – Check this box to enable the display of the recorded fees within the commissions shortcodes [edd_commissions]. This is useful if you wish to display to your vendors the fee amount charged per commission.

Understanding Fee Calculations

Fee calculations can be confusing, but here are a few quick tips to get you started:

  • The fee calculation is performed on the base (original) commission amount – NOT the cart (download) item price. The ability to calculate the fee on the cart item price is planned for a future release as an optional setting.
  • Exclusive calculation base, along with the flat amount type will more than likely be the easiest options for your vendors to understand.
  • The flat amount is generally the best way to offset PayPal fees. We typically set this to 75 pence to fairly split the processing fees between store and vendor.
  • Fees can either be globally set (applied to all commission recipients) or overridden on a per-download or user basis. The order of priority (flow) is: download, user, and then global rate setting.

To understand how the actual commission fee calculations work, let’s take a look at the following examples:

Flat Amount Fee: Vendor sells a £10.00 product, for which he/she receives 50% of the item price, resulting in a base commission amount of £5.00. Since we are charging all vendors a flat rate fee of £0.50, the vendor ends up with an adjusted commission amount of £4.50. The final commission amount is calculated by deducting the fee (£0.50) from the base (£5.00) amount.

Percentage (Exclusive) Fee: Vendor sells a £20.00 product, for which he/she receives 50% of the item price, resulting in a base commission amount of £10.00. Since we are charging all vendors a percentage fee of 10%, the calculated fee would be £1.00 (10 * .1), for which the vendor ends up with an adjusted commission amount of £9.00 (10 – (10 * .1)).

Percentage (Inclusive) Fee: Vendor sells a £20.00 product, for which he/she receives 50% of the item price, resulting in a base commission amount of £10.00. Since we are using the inclusive calculation type, the “fee” is subsumed within the base commission amount (£10.00). In this instance we are charging the vendor a 20% fee, which results in £1.67 (10 – (10 / 1.20)). However, because we are charging a fee to the recipient, we adjust the base commission amount to £8.33.

Download and User Fee Settings

The commission fee rate can be set on either a download or user level. The values entered in either location will override the general (global) setting. Values entered inherit the “type” defined in the global settings. So for example, if percentage type is set and you enter 10, 10% will be charged as the fee.

You can also disable specific products or users from being charged fees by checking the “Disable Fees” checkbox.

User Profile


Exporting Fee Reports

A new detailed fees report can be exported for all commission records under Downloads → Reports → Export. Within the “Export Commissions” meta-box you can select the  “Fees” report type to obtain a detailed CSV file containing commission and associated fee metadata.

Commission Notification Email Tags

Commission Fees includes two email tags that can be used within the “Commission Notification” email.

  • {fee} – The fee charged on the commission amount
  • {fee_amount} – The commission amount after the fee deduction

Final Note

Have questions or want to find out more? Feel free to contact our support team with any support enquiries.