Commission Taxonomy Rates

Commission Taxonomy Rates

Commission Taxonomy Rates for Easy Digital Downloads Commissions allows you to set commission rates on a per-category and tag basis, giving you more streamlined, granular control over your commissions.

Without this extension, Commissions only allows you to assign rates on a per-download, user, or global basis. However, with Commission Taxonomy Rates the flow priority is extended to work as follows:

Download > Download Tags > Download Categories > User > Global

Use-case Examples

Let’s look at some real-world examples of how Commission Taxonomy Rates could potentially be utilised in different scenarios:

  • You create a download tag named “Exclusive” and assign an 80% commission rate. For any downloads associated with this tag, vendors will receive an 80% commission rate when their products are sold.
  • Over the festive period you want to reward all eBook vendors with a higher commission rate. You set the eBook category to 60% so that any time an eBook in this category sells, the vendor will be rewarded with a higher rate.


  • Set commission rates on a per-category and tag basis
  • Favor the highest or the lowest commission rate with the Rate Preference setting
  • Easily manage commissions for multiple product categories
  • Allows more granular control than user-level commission rates
  • Seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads and Commissions plugins
  • Translation-ready and contains a British English (UK) POT file to get you started!
  • Easily extendable. Have a specific use-case? Commission Taxonomy Rates includes plenty of developer-ready filters and action hooks to make it possible!
  • Developed using the best practices, with security, extensibility, and readability in mind

Notice: This extension requires Easy Digital Downloads (free) and a minimum of Commissions 3.4 to function.


Have questions or want to find out more? Check out the documentation or contact our support team for pre-sales questions.