Commission Thresholds

Commission Thresholds

Commission Thresholds for Easy Digital Downloads Commissions allows you to easily set up sales or earnings thresholds that must be met before any commissions are awarded to your vendors. Manage commission thresholds on a per download, user, or global basis for streamlined, granular control over your commissions.

Use-case Examples

Let’s look at some real-world examples of how Commission Thresholds could potentially be utilised in different scenarios:

  1. You funded the development of a new product and you want to make back the initial development costs before any commissions are awarded to the vendor.
  2. One downloadable product has multiple vendors receiving commissions and you want to set their commission thresholds independently.
  3. Each time a vendor uploads a new product, they must reach a baseline earnings threshold to cover marketplace curation and submissions costs before commissions are awarded.


  • Disable commissions until a specific sales or earnings threshold has been met
  • Set commissions thresholds independently on a per download, user, or global basis
  • Set different thresholds for vendors receiving commissions on the same product
  • Set a fallback, or default global threshold that applies to all products by default
  • Recoup your product development investments before vendors are awarded commissions
  • Seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads and Commissions plugins
  • Translation-ready and contains a British English (UK) POT file to get you started!
  • Easily extendable. Have a specific use-case? Commission Thresholds includes plenty of developer-ready filters and action hooks to make it possible!
  • Developed using the best practices, with security, extensibility, and readability in mind

Notice: This extension requires Easy Digital Downloads (free) and a minimum of Commissions 3.4 to function.


Have questions or want to find out more? Check out the documentation or contact our support team for pre-sales questions.