Math Verification

Math Verification

Math Verification is a simple add-on for Easy Digital Downloads that adds a math verification field to the registration form, which helps to prevent bot registrations while also not driving your users crazy with difficult to read reCAPTCHAs.

With this add-on, you can add a simple math verification field to your Easy Digital Downloads user registration form. In order to signup, the user must complete the simple addition problem.

This add-on is designed to completely prevent bot registrations, while still presenting a very human-friendly and easy-to-use registration process, unlike the experience users have when trying to fill out difficult-to-read reCAPTCHAs.


  • Bloat-free, secure, and lightweight with only the required options included.
  • Ability to increase addition complexity by increasing the highest number used by pseudo random number generator.
  • Easily change the default form label from “What does this equal?” to your native language via the settings.
  • Translation-ready and contains a POT file to get you started translating the plugin into your native language.
  • Easily extendable. Have a specific use-case? Math Verification includes plenty of developer-ready filters and action hooks to make it possible!


Have questions or want to find out more? Check out the documentation or contact our support team for pre-sales questions.


Version 1.0.0, December 29, 2017

  • Initial Release